Create a Budget

The first step to living on a budget is to track your family’s income and expenses. Gather all of your receipts, bank statements and everything you have that shows money coming in or going out.

Draw a budget to manage your money.

Set Financial Goals

Whether you want to save money for your child’s school fees, or for your retirement, setting financial goals is an important step in protecting your family’s future.

Plan for Financial Emergencies

The stress of a financial crisis can put a strain on the wealthiest families.

Establishing an emergency fund helps you build up savings for unexpected expenses.

Life insurance and a last will and testament can also shield your family from a financial hardship if something should happen to you or your spouse.

Control Spending on Food

Cut the costs of feeding your family with a well-planned food budget.

Save money on groceries with already-made shopping list

Carry a lunch box to work or school

Think outside the grocery store to find even more savings.